How to generate a new password for Login to your control panel My City
Posted by on 2014-12-14 14:19

This guide describes how to generate a new password for
Login to your control panel "My City".


Go to and click on " Forgot


Fill in the email address associated with that user name to your

Usually it is the email address you used when you ordered your
web hosting account.


Click REQUEST Password Change button, you will find at the bottom right of your browser.

When you click on the green button, a message will
shown that an e-mail message sent to your email address. Note
that it may take a few minutes before the email reaches you
and the address you provided.


If you do not receive the email within 5 minutes from the time you
ordered the password change we ask you to check that
This would not be in any possible junk folder in your email client
or webmail.

E-mail is coming from City Network looks like this.


Click on the link in the text "Please follow this" link "to
change your password.


You will now enter a website where you can fill in your new
Password. The password must be 8 characters long and contain
at least one number and one uppercase letter.

When you are finished, click the green button at the bottom
right which has the text "Change Password."


Now you have changed your password and can log into the Control Panel
"My City" in the address with your username and the new password.

ERROR: This domain name (, does not match the domain name in the license key file

For assistance with your license, please contact the Kayako support team: